• Gregory Bickford

Collectables: Are They Worth It?

As we all know, we love to collect things. Be it stamps, cards, toys, antiques, antique furniture, comic books, cars, and more. Be them big or small, we love our personal collection that we have accumulated over the years.

Typically when we search for the perfect item to add to our collection we do not always consider it as an investment as it is our hobbie. The must have items that we treasure are not always valued in monetary ways.

Overall, when it comes to collectables they are valued in two different ways.

1. Personal Value

The value of the collectable brings us a sense of warmth as it may complete our collection and brings us excitement when on the hunt for that last item. We feel an emotional attachment to the item as we "love" having it in our lives. In recent years, we have seen a ramp up in little shoppers collectables from Coles.

Little shoppers have been produced in the thousands with some being extremely rare. As some are rare these have been sold for more than $1000 on ebay however will it retain that $1000 value? Most likely not as the demand for that particular collectable will reduce, but we might all need it to complete our collection.

In the late 90s we also saw the introduction of Pokemon. Pokemon is short for pocket monsters and started with 151 different types of Pokemon. As we most likely saw, the television show and games encouraged us to "collect them all" and we did, because we loved how cute they are. Over the last two decades of their exsistance the world of Pokemon has grown to nearly 1000 different types and once again while most items do not have significant monetary value, we feel a sense of warmth when we complete the collection or get our favourite Pokemon.

But lets not forget about Antiques. We love to collect Antiques and once again while we often are not collecting it for the monetary value, we love having the item. In most cases this might be a decorative piece that brings the wow to the room, or it is there for a functional reason. Either way the Antique is a beautiful piece that exists in our lives.

2. Monetary Value

When Stan Lee released his first Marvel Comic, it was not realised at the time what some of his editions would be worth today. While it is just some pieces of paper with pictures on it and stapled together, these books can be worth in the millions as they are extremely rare and the demand is quite high for them.

This particular comic sold for $2.1m in 2011 (not a Stan Lee comic, but still a good one)

Another item we love to collect is coins. Their personal value to us could be from when we visited a particular country, such as an Australian who had visited Japan and collected a series of Yen coins from their trip. However, when we consider the Monetary Value, some coins are very valuable such as the Australian 1966 round 50c coin, which is 80% silver. Today it is valued at $11.60, which is an increase of 2,320% of its original value. Quite an increase. Obviously there are other more valuable coins in the world such as the 1794/5 flowing hair silver/copper dollar, which has been valued at $10m, but not all of us have a spare $10m.

Why Collect?

At the end of the day, we enjoy collecting whatever it is and for either the personal enjoyment it brings, the monetary return it could bring, or for both reasons. What we all love doing though is finding that unique treasure to add to our collection, which can be found in the most unique places. One such place is at the upcoming Adelaide Antique Fair, where all sorts of treasures are on display and for sale. Remember to reserve your ticket to not miss out on this great event.